Offering for your event a fully qualified

and experienced


(FREC 3 Advanced First Aid)


The correct and required level of cover needed for your event

After many years practising first aid as a volunteer at events

from village fetes to Thruxton circuit with

St John Ambulance 

(and teaching public first aid)

I am now qualified to the correct advanced level to offer professional

Event First Aid Cover

Everything for the small to medium 

indoor or outdoor event 

needing a first aider/first responder on site

but not an ambulance.

Also available as contract staff to larger Ambulance companies offering event medical cover to make up the numbers. P.O.A



What do I offer?

Qualified FREC 3 First Responder, 

Years of skills and experience,

Clearly marked uniform,

Advanced Life Saving First Aid Equipment,

Response vehicle or Responder Cycle,

Clearly Marked First Aid Post (tent),


Communication Radios for event staff for faster response to incidents needing my attention.



I offer cover to

Andover, Newbury, Basingstoke

Salisbury, Winchester, Southampton and more


How much and how do I pay?

Prices start at £75

(Min cost up to four hours cover and * up to midnight)

£15 per hour or part of afterwards.

*£25 per hour or part of after midnight.

This is for basic cover for short events (Village fetes etc)

You get a clearly uniformed and well equipped clinically qualified

responder/advanced first aider

on stand by with a marked response vehicle

or responder cycle.


Typically for the longer lasting or larger events

you can also have

a clearly marked First Aid Post (tent) equipped with treatment couch, chairs etc at an additional £25


Please note

Deposit asked for when booking prior to event.

(Card/bacs payments accepted)

Balance asked for at event or shortly after.


Receipts sent via email or post.




Pilgrims Way Andover United Kingdom SP105HU

01264 355461 - 07716 826921



Please contact during normal office hours

Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Sat: 9am - 1pm
Sun: Closed

01264 355461 - 07716 826921

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